In Search of a Surrogate


We are currently searching for a gestational surrogate to carry a second child for us. If you think that you or someone you know might be interested, you can read our story here. We’ve chronicled our journey over the last several years as we’ve battled through infertility, treatment, and the surrogacy process to have our son. The About Us page will give you a little background on who we are and the Our Journey page has links to some of our biggest ups and downs.

Over the next couple months we will be focusing on the IVF part of the process, so we are still in the beginning stages. We’re open to having some conversations as a starting point with anyone who might be interested and are hoping to match by Summer/Fall 2018. The earliest an embryo transfer could take place is likely around the end of the year, depending on how long each step takes. Our hope is to have a second miracle baby by late 2019/early 2020, if we could be so lucky.

Here are a few more helpful things you should know:


  • Being a gestational carrier means that you will have no biological relation to the baby. The embryo(s) transferred will be from our egg and sperm.
  • We live in the northeast US and would prefer to find someone within a few hours from us. However, we’re open to considering beyond that depending on the circumstances (how far, which state, a good match, etc).
  •  It is important to us to maintain a relationship and good communication both during the surrogacy process and afterwards.
  • We would really like to be in the room for the embryo transfer(s), any ultrasounds we’re able to make it to, and the delivery, if possible, as it’s the only way we are able to experience a fraction of the pregnancy. We’re open to talking about this further based on your level of comfortability.
  • Surrogacy is considered illegal in a few states at this time and it can be difficult to establish parentage in others, so we may be unable to match depending on where you live. The baby will need to be delivered in a surrogacy-friendly state. This is a good resource for how the laws vary.


  • It’s best if you have already given birth to at least one child without complications. Our fertility clinic requires you to pass a basic medical review with our doctor prior to an embryo transfer.
  • You and your partner will need to travel to the fertility clinic (located in a major northeast city) for some testing before a transfer can occur. This is in order to determine that neither of you have any infectious diseases that could be passed on to a child during the pregnancy. As required by our fertility clinic and the FDA, we have also been tested (all clear). All medical and travel expenses will be covered throughout the surrogacy process.
  • You will also need to travel to our fertility clinic for any embryo transfers.  If the transfer is successful, you’ll be able to do all other appointments locally with your preferred doctor.
  • In the weeks leading up to a transfer and throughout the first trimester, you will have to give yourself injections to help prepare your body for the embryo to implant, as well as help sustain the baby until your body is producing enough progesterone on its own. This is extremely important, and missing or stopping injections would likely result in the loss of the baby.


  • A legal contract will need to be agreed upon and signed prior to a transfer for the protection of everyone involved. All of your legal fees will be covered by us.
  • Depending on what your state law allows, we would like to do a pre-birth order, which would make us the legal parents of our child at birth and allow my name to be on the birth certificate as the mother. This will be completed with a lawyer in your home state and will likely only require you to sign a statement of agreement that we are the child’s parents.


  • In addition to covering any and all costs incurred through medical testing/treatment, legal bills, and travel, we will also cover the costs that come with pregnancy and plan to compensate.



If you think you might be a good match for our family and want to discuss this further or ask us any questions, please email me at

Thank you so much for your consideration!