The Road Trip

At three days old Ross crossed state lines for the first time. Our road trip home following his birth was an intense 14+ hour drive broken up over 5 days– all while adjusting to a newborn. It’s not something I would recommend, but somehow we survived it. We pulled into the parking lot of our apartment complex exactly one week from the day he was born absolutely exhausted and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Our first day covered about four hours of driving that turned into more than six hours on the road. We spent the night in a hotel just a few minutes from where my grandparents lived for the first 18 years of my life. I was just six weeks old the first time I visited the city, and just about every year after that I spent more than week of my summer with them. It was meaningful for me to bring Ross to this place that held so many memories, even though he will not remember it. As the city lights came into view I called out to him in the back seat as we passed the familiar attractions: That’s where we went to baseball games! I remember when that stadium was brand new. That’s the amusement park where I rode my first roller coaster! Grandpa would always win me a stuffed animal at the carnival games. That was where Grandma would take me back-to-school shopping! We would always find a good restaurant nearby for lunch afterwards….

“I’ll just take this bed. Thanks, Mom & Dad.”

The next morning we bundled up the baby and took him to see the famed bagel shop of my childhood. I warned Kyle ahead of time that the owner was a bit like the “soup Nazi” on Seinfeld; you had to know what you wanted before reaching the counter or risk being scolded. As a kid I always found him so intimidating, but this time when he yelled at me for loitering in front of the menu I bit back a smile. After a quick breakfast we posed for a picture with the sign out front.

But there was somewhere far more important that I wanted to take Ross: my Grandpa’s old company building. One day out of each visit I would put on my best outfit and Grandma and I would have lunch with Grandpa at the company. It was my favorite thing to do– better than the zoo, the aquarium, and the baseball games– I was so proud to be introduced as their granddaughter. The old building is no longer in use; they’ve now moved to a more modern (ugly) building next door, but the original is still there. We drove up to the front gates and read the “No Trespassing” sign before continuing on down the drive. I climbed into the backseat to dress Ross in his warmest bunting while I told him about how Grandpa used to have summer concerts for the families on the sprawling front lawn. Now the impressive gold lettering on the front of the building has already started to fade from lack of care, another reminder of the passing of time. As I carried Ross closer for a picture, I wished that we were able to step back to the 80’s to watch Grandpa climb those front steps again in his crisp suit, briefcase in hand. Instead, we were here in 2016 and he was not. Ross will never know his namesake.

Ashley at Grandpa's office
Me visiting Grandpa at his office.

Another 4 hour drive had stretched into a full day when we pulled up to Kyle’s brother’s house later that evening. As we carried our first load of baby things up to the house, my sister-in-law waved from the back window with our newest nephew on her hip. The last time we had been there she was in her third trimester and we had barely entered our second, still feeling anxious over the fragility of early pregnancy. Now Levi was already four months old and we were finally able to meet him for the first time. Ross looked tiny in comparison, a full pound lighter than his cousin’s birth weight. The babies looked surprisingly different despite their fathers being twins: where Levi seemed to take after his daddy’s Swedish side with his pale blond hair and deep blue eyes, Ross had a rounder face and slightly darker complexion.

The Anderson men
Cousins, exactly four months apart! This was a tough picture to get with all of the wiggling and flailing of arms.

Throughout the night we were there it was never far from my mind that my mother-in-law missed out on seeing her sons as fathers; if she had still been alive I would have texted her these photos. When she passed away unexpectedly four days before Levi’s due date in September it changed all of our lives. Somehow we have already gone four months without her. And because of so many years wasted by our infertility, she lived her whole life without knowing what it was like to be called Grandma.

Morning seemed to come faster with each day that passed. The third day we drove five hours through the snow to get to my parents’ house, our last stop before home. It was our longest day of travel, but by then I had become an expert at feeding and changing Ross on my lap in the car. Thankfully he slept through most of the driving  hours which made everything much easier.

I loved being able to turn around and see our little travel buddy’s face mirrored back at me! (He was not too fond of the cold.)

Once we got to my parents’ house, Ross got to meet his grandfather (my mom had met him at his birth and flew back ahead of us) and one of his great-grandmothers, as well as his big fur-brother, Orion. The following morning some more of his great-grandparents came to visit us for lunch and to meet the baby. It was wonderful to have so much of the family around to enjoy this part because I never got to share the fun parts of a pregnancy with them. Now he was here and could be a part of their lives through more than just an ultrasound picture.

We ending up staying an extra night with my parents since Orion wasn’t doing well, but eventually we loaded up the car for the final time and finished the last two and a half hours of driving to get HOME.

One last feeding stop. Both of my babies wanted to be on my lap.

And no one was ever more excited to cross over those last state lines.

Home, Sweet, Home.

Or more exhausted.

21 thoughts on “The Road Trip

  1. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I am so happy for you and so blessed to have been able to read your posts all along!!!! Congratulations again!!! You all deserve so much happiness!


  2. I love seeing all of these pictures of Ross. He is so perfect and tiny! We cannot wait to meet him in a few weeks! Love you guys ❤️


  3. So happy to hear about your journey home, and see all the beautiful pics you posted! I especially liked the one with the brothers and their babies, and the one with both Ross, and Orion on your lap. You guys waited a long time for this, now it’s time to enjoy all the memories in the making! Love you all! Aunt Arlene


  4. Thank you for this wonderful post with so many special memories. How blessed we all are! So happy and thankful for little Ross. Love to all.


  5. Somehow I had missed this post! Been thinking of you, and wondering how you are doing 🙂 Lovely post and even lovelier photos! Must have been so special to stop at your grandparent’s old home, and visit the places of your chilhood memories. Ross is just beautiful! xx


    1. I have been so, so terrible at keeping up and responding to pretty much anything at all, but it has been on my mind to get in touch all this time! Can you believe they’re going to be 3 months in the next week? I honestly don’t know where the time goes. I hope you guys are doing really well. We have had some rough times, as Ross has a lot of digestive issues. We found out at 3 weeks that he has acid reflux and it is a very severe case. He can’t ever be flat on his back– not when he sleeps, eats, gets changed, etc. He’s on meds, but they aren’t helping. Then he developed colic because of the reflux, which was really difficult. We had a couple days with 8 hours of crying, and because Kyle is getting his master’s degree and working two jobs, I am pretty much dealing with it on my own. We’ve tried at least 15+ types of formula but nothing has really helped. Every time I think we’re taking one step forward, I feel like he takes two steps back. It’s hard to see him in pain and struggling, and it’s really hard not to be able to do anything to help him.

      I’ve been wanting to do about a million things that I haven’t gotten to. I still need to write his birth story and I’ve also wanted to update during this time, but it has been so crazy that I just haven’t gotten to it despite my best intentions. How are you guys doing? I’ve been thinking of you and I hope all is well. I haven’t been on wordpress as much as I’d like to, but I need to go back and catch up on anything I’ve missed! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I fully understand that keeping up with blogging part! No worries 🙂 It is unbelievable that it is already three months… It has gone so fast! My husband is finishing his parental leave this week and going back to work full-time, that also meaning that he will be travelling again too (first trip next week to US).

        I’m really sorry to hear about the digestion issues Ross is having 😦 It must be very tough to deal with it all, and I can relate to that helpless feeling when one cannot help the little one when they are crying. Although, naturally your situation is much harder than our evening crying sessions. I don’t have any words of wisdom really, but I hope you are getting some support and/or help? It is easy to forget oneself, but it is important also to try and make sure you will get a breather every now and then.

        The million things one doesn’t get to do now, well… I feel like I haven’t got to do much this year either, but then again, priorities! 🙂

        I wish from the bottom of my heart that things will improve quickly for Ross. I’ll be thinking of you, and sending you lots of strength. ❤


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