Boy or Girl?

Throughout the summer while we have been packing up and preparing to move, Sweet Pea has been busy rapidly developing. This past Sunday we reached the 17-week milestone and now have less than a month to go before getting to the halfway point in the pregnancy. According to multiple websites, Sweet Pea has likely grown to the size of a turnip, or about 5 inches, measuring from the top of the head to the baby’s bottom. He or she can already hear sounds from outside the womb as well as react to light. So much progress has been made over these last few weeks, but more than anything else, we were all waiting for the day when Elle first felt the baby move. Since our appointments are now several weeks apart, we were anxious to have the extra reassurance that everything was okay. 

Then on July 26, the day of my sister-in-law’s baby shower, I got a text from Elle saying she thought she’d felt the very first flutters of Sweet Pea moving. Within the next two days she was able to confirm it and ever since then Sweet Pea has been incredibly active. I love hearing about how Elle can feel the baby kicking away in the morning or waking up when she eats a meal. By now, Elle’s mom has even been able to feel Sweet Pea’s tiny movements from the outside, and I am anxiously awaiting the moment we can do the same. 

Sweet Pea is actually so active that after a morning without feeling any movement, Elle told me that she sat in her car and cried with relief at finally feeling a kick just before walking into the restaurant for her birthday lunch at the beginning of August. We are all wondering whether this high level of activity is any indication of what the toddler years will be like for us, and I am having flashbacks to time in my childhood spent pulling my little sister off of countertops and bookshelves. If Sweet Pea is anything like Auntie Karis, we will have our hands very full! 

Just six days after Elle’s birthday we celebrated mine, and while it was especially difficult to be separated from Sweet Pea that day, Elle sent me a special bump picture with a birthday message from the baby. 

Thankfully, we will finally reach the end of our wait to see Sweet Pea tomorrow. It will have been 48 days since our last ultrasound– only this time we won’t be watching from the other end of a Skype call; we’ll be in the room! And, as long as the baby is cooperative, we will also know the gender. With a baby boy being added to each of our immediate families this year, most of the early guesses have been for a girl. However, we have had quite a few more boy guesses added lately. The night before we found out we were pregnant, I had a dream that it was going to be a girl, but I have now overthought the issue so much that I can’t decide what I think anymore. Elle has always believed Sweet Pea is a girl and both of us have accidentally used “she” on more than one occasion when talking about the baby. Hopefully tomorrow we will know once and for all! 

A few people have asked us if we prefer one gender over the other, and I can easily say: absolutely not. I know for a fact that there will never be any gender disappointment here. How can there be room for any disappointment in such a blessing?

We won’t be updating the blog right away because we’d like to have some time to tell family first, so you still have a couple more days to put in your official guess!

So… what do you think?



13 thoughts on “Boy or Girl?

  1. I say girl! I think because you’ve always said Sweet Pea and that sounds more girly than boyish. But I know you will be over the moon with Sweet Pea whatever flavour he/she is! And I’ll be right there waiting for the first photos! πŸ™‚ Sending you lots of love xx

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ We are very happy and hoping to share the results this weekend! I’d love to focus only on this, but unfortunately we are also moving in the next 4 days and have SO much to do! I am definitely paying now for having procrastinated on packing all summer…

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  2. I have said girl from the beginning, but can”t wait to find out about this sweet child either way. So very thankful for this new opportunity to get to know Sweet Pea better. xoxoxo

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  3. Awwww sweet Elle…I can’t imagine how scared she was to think she hadn’t felt sweet pea move in a while.

    I am thinking that sweet pea is a girl…only because you mention your dream and Elle’s intuition!!

    I can’t wait to hear for an update on your visit…have a fabulous time 😊


      1. Ahh I know! I wanted to get the post together before this but it just hasn’t happened since our moving day is tomorrow and the packing never seems to end!! I am determined to have it up by tonight but since you are 5 hours ahead and may not see it by then… let’s just say… you are good at guessing!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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